Craig Campbell Co-Writes Latest Hit with Colon Cancer Survivor

Garth Brooks once described country music as “honesty, sincerity and real life to the hilt,” and Craig Campbell’s new single “Stronger Than That” certainly meets all the criteria.

As Fight Colorectal Cancer’s first national spokesman, Campbell is more than just a country music artist. He’s a voice of inspiration for those who have been personally affected by colon cancer. At the age of 11, Campbell lost his own father to the disease. Now as an adult, he is using his musical talents and celebrity status to bring awareness to the third deadliest form of cancer in the United States.

Fight Colorectal Cancer asked Campbell to compose their brand new anthem, a challenge that he gladly embraced, but he knew he would need to draw inspiration from someone who had personally dealt with the disease. “I was thinking me and my wife could sit down and try to write it, but I started thinking about it, and I thought I really needed some good stuff to put into the song, and I said, ‘I need somebody that has firsthand, on-the-ground, in-the-trench experience with it,’” Campbell said.

That’s when he thought of Rose Hausmann, a retired parole officer who had been diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in 2005. Campbell had met Hausmann at the One Million Strong 2014 event in New York, and he had been so impressed by her positive spirit and her fight against cancer that he knew she would be the one to provide that inspiration. Campbell invited Hausmann and her husband to fly out to Nashville and help him write his next song.

Hausmann and her husband, Eric, spent the day with Campbell and his wife, Mindy, where they composed the music and powerful lyrics for “Stronger Than That”. “I wanted it to be a song of inspiration and help people get over or get past a certain point in their life, let them know that there was people around them that could help…that’s the reason we have the people we have around us,” he said. “We just wanted it to have an all-encompassing message of hope” (Source: The Boot).

It’s safe to say that Campbell’s new song has done just that. “Stronger Than That” can be purchased at All proceeds go to benefit Fight Colorectal Cancer.

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