Get Your Rear in Gear for Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Nearly everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by cancer. This disease is devastating, complicated and destructive, but it is not invincible. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, which is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness that colon cancer is preventable, beatable and treatable.

Up to 60 percent of colon cancer deaths could be prevented through routine screening, yet studies show that one third of eligible adults are not being screened for colon cancer (Source: Fight Colorectal Cancer). This is a trend that desperately needs to change, and Colon Cancer Awareness Month gives us all an opportunity to do our part. Here are three organizations that will be hosting community events for Colon Cancer Awareness Month:

Colon Cancer Alliance

  • Dress in Blue Day – March 4 is the official day to dress in blue to raise colon cancer awareness, but don’t let that limit you! Add blue to your wardrobe for a week or even the entire month. Encourage your friends and co-workers to join in on the fun, and remind them of the importance of colon cancer screening.
  • Undy Run – Hit the streets in your boxers or briefs for this 5K run/walk. Participants are encouraged to turn their underwear into outerwear in order to raise colon cancer awareness – just remember to keep it appropriate since it’s a family friendly race!
  • Get Blued photo contest – All throughout the month of March, the Colon Cancer Alliance is accepting submissions for their Get Blued photo contest. Categories include pets, buildings, group, selfie, and babies, so get creative and find your picture perfect way to support colon cancer prevention.

Fight Colorectal Cancer

  • Call-on Congress – March 14 -16 is Fight CRC’s 10th annual Call-on Congress, a three-day event where colon cancer survivors, caregivers and friends take on Washington D.C. Participants will spend two days receiving hands-on training before meeting with members of Congress to address important policy issues.
  • Blue Hat & Bowtie Sunday – Let your Sunday best share the special message of colon cancer awareness on March 20. People everywhere are encouraged to wear a blue hat or bow tie in honor of someone who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.
  • One Million Strong – This award-winning public awareness campaign represents the over one million survivors of colon cancer in the United States. Through events, videos, marches, and personal testimonials, this movement aims to spread the word that colon cancer is preventable and treatable.

Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation

  • Scope It Out 5K – Chris4Life has partnered with the Colon Cancer Alliance to host this scenic 5K race in the heart of Washington D.C. Together, they hope to raise $300,000 to fund national prevention, research and patient support programs at the Colon Cancer Alliance. Even if you can’t join in on the fun, you can still make a gift to help them meet their goal!

Colon cancer is currently the third-leading cause of cancer death in the United States, but with heightened awareness and increased screening rates, that can change! Let Colon Cancer Awareness Month encourage you to get involved in your community and spread the word about colon cancer prevention. You never know when your actions will have a life-changing impact on those around you!

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