Heartburn-Friendly Tailgating Foods

Pre-game celebrations can be as exciting as the game itself, but if you suffer from heartburn, you’re probably used to sitting on the sidelines instead of joining in on the fun. Popular tailgating foods are often greasy, high in fat or contain common heartburn triggers which can leave you feeling miserable by halftime.

Try some of these heartburn-friendly snacks at your next tailgate party so you can tackle your appetite without the burn:

  • Pretzels- Looking for something to nosh on while you heat up the grill? Steer clear of the chips and salsa! The tomatoes, onions and spices in the salsa are a triple-threat for heartburn sufferers, and the fat content in the chips only makes matters worse. Grab a handful of pretzels instead. They’re low in fat but still provide that salty, satisfying crunch.
  • Lean beef sliders- Sliders are always a game time favorite, but they can be high in fat and aggravate heartburn. Use extra lean ground beef (94/6 or 97/3) to significantly lower the fat content and serve them on whole wheat buns to increase fiber. Top them off with low-fat cheese, a dollop of fat-free mayo and some crisp iceberg lettuce for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
  • White chili- Chili is a tradition for any tailgate party, but the spices and tomato sauce can make it problematic for heartburn sufferers. For a reflux-friendly alternative, try cooking up a pot of hearty, satisfying white chili. Chicken, white beans and chicken stock create the base for this savory soup, making it a safe choice for your tailgate spread.
  • Baked sweet potato fries- Skip out on greasy chips, French fries and twice-baked potatoes which are high in fat and likely to trigger a flare-up. Instead, try a side of baked sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are an alkaline food, which means they help to neutralize stomach acid, and serving them baked instead of fried significantly lowers the fat content.
  • Apple Crisp- This dessert embodies all the flavors of fall without the risk of reflux. Apples help to restore pH balance and prevent heartburn, while the crunchy oat topping really ramps up the fiber content to promote digestion. To keep the fat content low, limit the amount of butter you use in your recipe. Serve it up warm with a spoonful of low-fat whipped cream and you’ve got the perfect end to a delicious, heartburn-free tailgate meal.
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