Kick off Your Healthy New Year by Scheduling Preventative GI Procedures

Healthy New Year’s resolutions are as traditional as the midnight kiss. After a long holiday season of eating too much and exercising too little, most of us are ready for some healthy lifestyle changes by the first of January. Unfortunately, statistics show that we’re not always great about sticking with them. A study conducted by John C. Norcross of the University of Scranton found that nearly 25 percent of resolvers are not able to keep their goals just one full week into the New Year, and by the end of June, only 46 percent are still working towards their resolutions (Source: Washington Post).

If you’re concerned about staying on track with your healthy plans for the New Year, why not start with some goals you know you can achieve? The first of January is a great time to schedule those preventative GI procedures you didn’t get around to during the holidays, like your screening colonoscopy or upper endoscopy. Here’s why:

Ease of scheduling – Doctor’s offices and ambulatory surgery centers often experience a holiday rush as patients try to schedule those year-end appointments, but things start to slow down in January. Scheduling your appointment after the first of the year will increase your chances of securing a slot that fits your needs and your schedule.

Insurance benefits – Insurance plans renew in January, and all medical expenses will be applied toward your deductible until it has been reached. Scheduling procedures earlier in the year will allow you to reach your deductible sooner, meaning you can enjoy maximum coverage on future medical appointments, procedures and prescriptions for the remainder of the year.

Guidance from your doctor – The results of your preventative procedures will give you and your doctor a clear understanding of your health so you can set meaningful goals together. Based on your results, your doctor may have specific recommendations for your diet and exercise regimen.

Make some progress on your New Year’s resolutions – Putting a checkmark next to one healthy goal will encourage you to reach new goals in the months that follow. Let your preventative procedures be the first step you take towards a year full of healthy decisions and new achievements.

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