National Cancer Survivor's Day

If you or someone you know has survived cancer, you’ve got a story to tell. Sunday, June 1, is your time to shine, because it’s National Cancer Survivor’s Day. This worldwide observance, traditionally held on the first Sunday of June, is a day to celebrate the lives of those affected by cancer. Everyone from cancer survivors to friends, family members and medical professionals can share in this opportunity to inspire one another, provide support and celebrate life!

In the United States alone, there are nearly 14 million cancer survivors. That’s 14 million people who have been affected emotionally, physically and financially by this all-encompassing disease. Of course, that doesn’t include their friends and family members who have been profoundly impacted as well. Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Your story of survivorship could be the piece of hope they’ve been looking for!

National Cancer Survivor’s Day is the perfect opportunity to connect with others who have shared in fighting this horrible disease. If your community doesn’t currently observe National Cancer Survivor’s Day, why not take that first step and organize an event? Whether you do something on a small or large scale, you’ll be offering hope and encouragement to those who need it most. The following are some suggestions by The National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation for fun themed events:

  • The Fabric of Hope - Survivors make quilt squares that represent their cancer journey, and all the squares are later sewn together to create a Quilt of Hope, which can be displayed at your cancer center.
  • Light of Hope - Hold a candle-lighting ceremony or candle procession to honor cancer survivors. This is a great theme for events held at churches or synagogues.
  • Hope in Motion - Hold a fundraising run/walk or bike race with a registration fee benefiting local cancer support agencies.
  • Joining Hands in the Fight Against Cancer - Create a mural of hand prints labeled with names and years of survivorship, which can later be displayed in your hospital or treatment center.
  • Let’s Get Physical - Make physical fitness the theme of your event. Wear workout gear, gather everyone for a Zumba class, and offer tips on exercise and healthy living during and after cancer treatment.

If you’ve survived cancer, there’s someone in your community who needs to hear your words of inspiration. Let National Cancer Survivor’s Day be your platform to share your story and encourage others to fight the good fight. Cancer is strong, but as a survivor, you’re so much stronger!

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