Time Running Out to Schedule Your Year-End Colonoscopy

Without a doubt, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. With parties to attend, gifts to buy, family members to visit, and homes to decorate, you might not feel like there’s very much down-time in your schedule. But if you’re due for a colonoscopy, it’s a great idea to clear a few days on your calendar and schedule your procedure before the year ends. Here are just a few reasons why having your colonoscopy now could be beneficial:

No missed time from work

You’ll want at least two days off work for your colonoscopy – one day for bowel prep and one day for your procedure. You may even want an extra day to recover afterwards. If you already have time off work for the holidays, you can get your colonoscopy out of the way now and save your vacation days for something fun!

It’s easier to find a ride home

Following your colonoscopy, you’ll be groggy from anesthesia and unable to drive. You are required to have someone drive you home after the procedure, and it will be much easier to find a helping hand from a friend or family member if they’re already off work for the holidays.

Get the most out of your deductible

You’ve been paying toward your deductible all year long. If you’re close to meeting your deductible or you’ve met it already, now is the time to take care of any necessary medical procedures. Your insurance will pick up most of the tab, and your out-of-pocket expenses could be very minimal – or even zero!

Start the New Year off right

Typically, we wait until January 1 to put our New Year’s resolutions into action, but if your goal for 2015 is to take better care of yourself, why not get a head start? A clear colonoscopy scan is a great way to begin a healthier New Year!

You only have a few weeks left to schedule your colonoscopy before the year ends, so don’t delay in calling your doctor. Remember that offices often close for a few days around the holidays, so the sooner you call, the more likely you are to secure an appointment that fits your schedule. Finish the year off right by making your health top priority, and you’re sure to enjoy a happy New Year!

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