New research published in the June 30 issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows six dietary guidelines that can help lower the risk of cancer.

Despite their effectiveness in treating reflux, long-term use of PPIs can have some pretty hefty consequences, like osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Northwestern Medicine scientists have just published a study which clearly outlines disparities across all major racial and ethnic groups in the United States.

Physical therapy, cortisone injections, and pain relievers can often alleviate knee arthritis, but when these methods fail to provide adequate relief, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery.

A new study suggests that women who eat large amounts of red meat may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Schools require physicals at certain grade levels in accordance with their state’s education law. Most states also require annual sports physicals if your child plans on participating in school-sponsored sports.

New research shows that choosing an experienced gastroenterologist with a proven track record in adenoma (polyp) detection could reduce your risk of developing colon cancer by nearly half.

The Affordable Care Act requires many health care plans to provide preventive services, such as colonoscopies, at little to no cost to the patient.

While it’s true that e-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals and carcinogens than real cigarettes, recent studies suggest that e-cigarettes can still cause cancer.

Do e-cigarettes pose a risk for developing colon cancer? Experts say it’s too soon to tell.

Organic produce is pretty commonplace, but what exactly does the term “organic” mean? And is it worth all the hype?

Overuse, injury, and age can all contribute to joint pain, and while you can’t turn back the clock and give yourself the joints you took for granted as a child, you can take steps to preserve the joint health you have now.

Zumba also promotes digestive health by helping you shed excess pounds. Recent studies have shown that weight loss can improve symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in overweight and obese patients.

Should you take a pill supplement, or choose foods that naturally contain probiotics? Each method has its own pros and cons, so here are some things to consider when deciding one works best for you.

Several lifestyle changes that are recommended to keep your ticker in tip-top shape are also beneficial for your colon! Here are some healthy habits you can adopt to lower your risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

CBS Sports on-course golf reporter Peter Kostis has been a fixture on the golf scene for decades. As a longtime analyst, commentator and world-renowned instructor, Kostis has become a household name for golf fans across the globe.

June is Men’s Health Month, which means that these 30 days are all about you! This nationwide observance is dedicated towards raising awareness of preventable health issues in men and boys.

Sunday, June 1, is National Cancer Survivor’s Day. This worldwide observance, traditionally held on the first Sunday of June, is a day to celebrate the lives of those affected by cancer.

Pain management specialists can help patients find relief through prescriptions, therapies and medical treatments. However, patients can also make great strides in coping with their chronic pain through imagery techniques.

Spices can aid your body in digestion, too! Several spices have qualities that naturally stimulate the body’s digestive processes.